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  • Understanding different types of mortgages

  • Getting you the best rate & mortgage type for your situation

  • Explaining penalties, insurance fees, and closing costs


Are you a First Time Home Buyer or purchasing a property for which you don't have a mortgage yet? Here's a few things we can help you with:

  • Providing detailed mortgage comparisons so you can make an educated decision on your mortgage

  • Pulling your credit report once and shopping around to different lenders so you don't have to

  •  Communicating with your Realtor so everyone is working as a team


  • We can review what your current lender is offering and advise if it is a good offer or not

  • We can help you get access to to the equity in your home for renovations, paying off debts, travel or just life

  • We can be made your one point of contact so you don't have to deal with the lender again

  • We can offer you the best rates on the market

  • We can review current debts and assets to ensure you are taking full advantage of the best interest rates

  • We can provide detailed mortgage comparisons so you can see your best options on paper


Is it time to renew your mortgage? Here's how working with us at renewal time can benefit you:


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Appointments are recommended as office hours may vary

Evenings and weekends available by appointment

We are happy to meet in person at the office or at a location more convenient for you.


We also work with many clients over the phone, by Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout or other online conferencing methods.

We are kid friendly and understand that sometimes they have to come to meetings too. We're moms; we get it.



Need access to the equity in your home? Here's how working with the KK Mortgage Team can help you:

  • We work with over 90 different lenders offering a variety of mortgage products, terms and rates

  • Many of the lenders we work with offer bonus items like free appraisals or covering legal fees

  • We are willing to think outside the box, pitch your request to lenders, and go to bat for you where necessary

  • We will provide you with a cost analysis and credit comparison to help you decide what's best for you

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